Managed IT Tips: What is MFA?

two factor authentication

Managed IT can do a lot of great things for your company, from boosting security to improving efficiency, but one of its best advantages is "helping you help yourself." With the right knowledge and a little guidance from your managed IT provider, you can make big changes in your company--and MFA is a great place to start.

Why Optimize Your Legal Firm's Workflows?

people sitting at desk looking at documents

How much of your law firm's time falls into the non-billable category? Process bottlenecks and dependence on manual workflows can put legal professionals in a position of ongoing time-debt.

On Your Own?

Legal offices may attempt to develop workflows without the assistance of a third party. The choice seems logical because who better than your firm's management team understands the processes involved in each case?

4 Compelling Reasons to Move Your Operations to the Cloud

cloud team

Could your small business move its operations to the cloud? Even more to the point, should you? In some cases, you're already using the cloud—running applications or using cloud-based programs to check bank account balances, send email from a mobile device, or update your company's social media presence. But should you switch to the cloud for your business processes? Here are four reasons why it's an excellent idea.

Streamline Your Workflows with a Document Capture Solution

digital document

Is manual information processing holding your company back? A lack of productivity and growth can often be tied to internal processes, and the opposite is also true. If your team is required to spend hours each day manually keying in information to keep your business moving forward, you're spending too much of your revenues on manual data entry and document processing. Fortunately for SMBs like your's, there's a way to improve upon the current paradigm.

3 Top-Tier Managed Print Services Benefits

printer in use

As a business leader, you may be aware of the cost savings associated with a managed print services program. Savings of 30% on printing costs is typical, and document-intensive industries can expect even bigger payoffs. But is there more to gain?

Three More Benefits

While lower costs are reason enough to begin a managed print services engagement, you may take a keen interest in some of the other advantages that the service provides.


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