2 Essential Ways Document Capture Improves Daily Processes

document capture

How does your company handle the information that makes up your daily processes? Here's how a document capture solution can help move information more efficiently throughout your existing workflows.

Faster Document Storage and Retrieval

Document capture can speed up processes across your organization, and many of these are directly tied to how your documents are stored and how quickly they can be retrieved. As employees scan incoming paper documents or extract information from digital formats, your document capture solution extracts critical information and routes it to a document management system. The benefits reach into every process and department of your organization. Here's a look at two distinct advantages.

1. Better Relationships with Business Partners

Paper-based accounting systems are dependent on hands-on, physical routing of information. When you're using a paper system, incoming invoices must be copied, filed, and then physically moved onto the next department in the approval process. Inefficiencies and costs rise with every step, and it can take weeks or even months for your goods and services providers to receive payment.

Document capture and management systems eliminate nearly all of the steps outlined above by instantly routing invoices to the correct department. Approval takes just a few minutes or even seconds, and payment can occur through electronic alternatives. The result is a much happier business partner and improved relationships.

2. Improved Customer Relationships

Customers don't care where you store your information; they only care how long it takes you to retrieve it. When information is stored on paper, a customer inquiry may trigger a long trek to a basement storage area or a search for information that's not where you thought it would be. A document capture and management system puts information where it should be—just a few clicks away.

How easy is it for you to extract, store, and retrieve information from incoming documents? Contact Century to learn more about document capture today!