3 Document Management Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

healthcare document management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States are under increasing pressure to reduce costs. Doing so without compromising patient care is an ongoing challenge. Paperwork is one area where the healthcare industry is in a unique position; because volume is very high, solutions designed to reduce paper usage could be the answer to the industry's ever-growing administrative costs.

Document Management Benefits

Healthcare facilities that adopt a document management system discover multiple advantages, and lower costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Here's what's in store for healthcare providers who switch out paper-based systems for electronic document management solutions.

1. Lower costs

Lower costs are the top reason why business and healthcare leaders choose document management.

  • Supplies — Paper-based record keeping requires vast amounts of paper, file folders, ink and toner cartridges, and complicated systems for storing documents. Electronic records require none of these items.
  • Office equipment — A document management system won't eliminate your need for printing, and multifunction systems and scanners will play an important role. Even so, by opting for paperless workflows most of the time, healthcare facilities require less equipment overall.
  • Storage — The larger the healthcare facility, the larger the records storage area. With document management, records are stored digitally in the cloud or in on-site servers.

2. Faster processes

Hand carrying records from storage areas to the correct office wastes valuable time. In some cases, archived records cannot be located in the required time. Retrieving files from a document management system takes just a few seconds.

3. Improved security

Compliance laws have given patients an added layer of protection, but the burden falls squarely on individual healthcare facilities to follow through. Document management systems provide the solutions with robust security protocols combined with data backup and recovery plans.

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