3 Key Security Tips for Every Company

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We don't have to wonder how important security is, right? It's clear that in today's digital world, a cyber attack can bring down a business of any size, and a data breach can be the beginning of the end with expensive legal fees, software updates, and much more.

The basics are that security matters more than ever, and it's essential to get it right. Working with Century Business Technologies is your best bet to establish safe risk mitigation and security protections for your company.

Security is Top of Mind

In addition to working with a team of experts for IT services, you can also make a few key in-house changes to advance security solutions and check on any current threats.

Focus on These Areas of Office Security

So, here's where to start. Focus on these areas for office security:

  • Passwords
  • Equipment connectivity to your networks
  • Updating any old security issues that have been overlooked (even if it's an old software no one uses)

These ares will help you get ahead on the key tips that any company can take action on:

  1. Make sure your teams have different passwords for each application and they are not written down on paper or online. Also, they have to change them often. Passwords are annoying, but it's critical to protect your data and information.
  2. Check that any new equipment installed has the appropriate individual security protections and those required before connecting to the network.
  3. Do a security audit of any old 'solutions' you're not using any more and make sure that all remnants of previous projects are off all computers.

How to Put IT Security First

Advancing the focus of IT security in your office means outsourcing your IT security to a reliable, trusted professional team. That's easier than you think - talk to the Century Business Technologies team today to share your IT security needs and see how integrating outsourced IT can offer the comprehensive protection you need.