3 Reasons Accounting Firms Choose Document Management

electronic document

Accounting offices are tasked with managing thousands of documents and the information they contain. What if your firm could deploy a solution that not only helps manage your information but also reduces costs and increases efficiency at the same time?

If you haven't yet considered switching from your current system to electronic document management, here are five reasons why you may want to begin the transition as soon as possible.

1. Reduce operating costs.

Any system that reduces overhead is a welcome addition, and a paperless document management system is well known for doing exactly that. Expect to use less:

  • Paper — As part of a document-intensive industry, accounting firms are well-poised to save money with electronic document management. By reducing the need to print documents, your office will save big on paper and other print-related consumables.
  • Storage — Paper has never been easy to store, and the longer you're in business, the more it accumulates. Whether you've managed to keep your archived files in-house or have resorted to off-site storage solutions, document management can help you eliminate the costs associated with both.
  • Equipment — You'll still need your multifunction system, but you'll be using it to route digitized documents to your document management system rather than printing them.
  • Energy — Reducing your need for hard copies means less energy spent running your printing and copying equipment.

2. Reduce document retrieval time.

Accounting firms spend a considerable amount of time searching for documents. A document management solution provides fast document retrieval and the anytime/anywhere access your staff needs to work faster and smarter. Your customers will notice a difference, too.

3. Secure your data.

Sophisticated security protocols are one more reason why so many accounting firms choose a document management solution to protect their proprietary information.

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