3 Top-Tier Managed Print Services Benefits

printer in use

As a business leader, you may be aware of the cost savings associated with a managed print services program. Savings of 30% on printing costs is typical, and document-intensive industries can expect even bigger payoffs. But is there more to gain?

Three More Benefits

While lower costs are reason enough to begin a managed print services engagement, you may take a keen interest in some of the other advantages that the service provides.

  1. Internal productivity — Hidden costs and the complex moving parts of your print infrastructure require expert oversight—a luxury that's hard to come by in the typical SMB office. A managed print services partnership transfers print-related responsibilities to a team of experts with the time and resources required to do the job thoroughly. With someone else managing and repairing printer fleets, ordering supplies, providing support, and optimizing print-related workflows, your employees will have more time and resources to focus on essential tasks.
  2. Centralize print-related spending — Printing costs often spiral out of control due to mismanaged spending. Individuals and departments may have default authority to purchase supplies, schedule repairs, and even add new imaging equipment. The resulting chaos often means expenditures that can't be tracked accurately and which ultimately get shifted to miscellaneous categories. Printers and copiers randomly selected from office supply stores can also drive up costs, as these devices break down more frequently, use supplies at very high rates, and come with little to no support systems to keep them operational. Managed print services partnerships consolidate spending, giving your company the benefit of lower costs, greater insight, and devices that deliver improved productivity across your organization.
  3. Lower your environmental footprint — With managed print services, you're saving money because you're no longer wasting resources. That's a win for your bottom line and a win for the environment at the same time.

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