3 Types of IT Security


IT security is like a puzzle: Without all the pieces, you won't be able to see the full picture. That's why we're here to show you the ins and outs of three crucial types of IT security, how they fit together, and how they can benefit your business.

IT Security Three Ways

IT security is a complicated topic, and part of that complexity is related to the fact that "IT" doesn't mean just one thing. Instead, it refers to an interwoven web of connections, software, and hardware, all working together to make your company tick--and, unfortunately, creating security vulnerabilities along the way.

To help make sure your IT is always on your side, it's helpful to break IT security into three basic types:

  • Network IT security

This is where your network itself gets the attention it deserves. By monitoring connections and preventing unwanted visitors from gaining access to your data, you can protect all the hardware and software that utilizes your network.

  • Internet IT security

Internet IT security is all about finding smarter, safer ways to use the Web. It may be the most familiar type of IT, as it involves firewalls, good password habits, and education around spotting or avoiding online scams.

  • Endpoint IT security

The final piece of the puzzle is endpoint IT security. These measures are built to defend your devices themselves, from printers to mobile phones, and may include the use of a virtual private network.

Uniting IT Security

The most important thing to know about the three types of IT security is that no single element can exist alone. Network, internet, and endpoint IT security must all work together to create a complete "shield" around your company. If one type is neglected, the others suffer.

In conclusion, although there are three types of IT security, they are pieces of a cohesive whole. Together, they defend your business from threats of all shapes and sizes.

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