4 Compelling Reasons to Move Your Operations to the Cloud

cloud team

Could your small business move its operations to the cloud? Even more to the point, should you? In some cases, you're already using the cloud—running applications or using cloud-based programs to check bank account balances, send email from a mobile device, or update your company's social media presence. But should you switch to the cloud for your business processes? Here are four reasons why it's an excellent idea.

  1. Eliminate high IT costs — Extensive IT projects require high-cost hardware, and it can take months to arrive at implementation. Cloud-based managed IT solutions eliminate the heavy lifting behind major IT projects, handing your company unprecedented flexibility with a much faster setup and start date. The increased agility means a more level playing field and enhanced ability to compete with much larger companies.
  2. Improve company productivity — Cloud services eliminate traditional geographic boundaries. Employees can work from anywhere, securely accessing document management systems and collaborating in real time. And instead of sorting through email attachments that may be outdated, team members know they're working on the latest file version available.
  3. Benefit from automatic updates — Security and software updates can keep your IT team busy around the clock. With a managed IT company providing these services for you, your IT team can concentrate on other projects, and your employees will have access to the latest version of mission-critical applications and software.
  4. Prepare for disaster — On-site document storage solutions are vulnerable to disasters like flood and fire, and many could not keep a determined thief from accessing content. With your documents backed up in the cloud, you can focus on growing the business with the full confidence that your disaster recovery plan is well in hand.

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