4 Keys to Document Management

Document management systems.

Document management is simple, effective, and efficient--but that doesn't mean you can snap your fingers and make all your document problems disappear, either. Here are four things your document management system needs to get the job done.

Making Document Management Work For You

The first thing to know about document management is that it should be all about you. After all, no two companies have the same approach, the same documents, the same needs--so your document management system should be unique, too.

That being said, every system needs something to build on. For document management, that foundation comes from these four elements:

#1: Cloud connectivity

These days, a lot of work happens in the cloud. Your document management system needs to give you access to this digital workspace so you can share, edit, and send documents using efficient, effective cloud solutions.

#2: Search tools

Say goodbye to file cabinets. Document management should allow you to search through your entire document database at the tap of a button--and you should be able to narrow your search by date, keyword, title, author, and more.

#3: Access management

Digitized documents are easier to secure than their paper counterparts--as long as your document management system has access management tools, of course. With these capabilities, you can grant access to certain files based on rank, status, or project needs, protecting sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

#4: User-friendliness

If a solution isn't easy to use, nobody will actually use it. That's why your document management system should prioritize user-friendliness by building on concepts, organizational techniques, and naming conventions that might already be familiar to your teams.


Document management looks a little different for every business. However, every document management system should have a few basic elements--like cloud connectivity, search tools, access management, and a user-friendly interface. That way, you always have the foundation you need to build bigger and better document solutions.

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