5 Document Management Benefits for the Construction Industry

construction office paperwork

Think electronic document management is a solution only for document-intensive industries like finance, healthcare, and law? While it's true that they all see major advantages from their document management systems, your construction company also has unique requirements that could benefit from digital business processes.

Here's how paperless document management could revolutionize day-to-day processes for your construction company.

  1. Project management — Staying on track with your projects is a never-ending challenge. Document management bypasses the inherent problems of paper-based processes and replaces them with streamlined, automated workflows that keep you regularly informed. As each player completes their tasks, the document management system updates the project status and alerts the next person in the process.
  2. Keeping clients informed — Clients want to know where their project stands, and answering their questions can consume much of your time. Document management gives team leaders immediate access to information—and answers.
  3. Improved teamwork — Collaboration is critical to smooth construction workflows, and document management provides valuable insight for everyone involved. Keep track of changes, find out the status of supply shipments, and give subcontractors a heads-up when it's time for their team to begin working on the next stage in the project.
  4. Keep tabs on expenses — Price changes on critical building supplies and last-minute design modifications can leave everyone wondering where they stand. Document management software lets your accounting department instantly enter information, track payment processes, and keep a running total on project costs.
  5. Keep track of changes — Change orders are a regular part of the construction process. A document management solution allows project leaders to access and change blueprints in the field, and with a wide format printer in the office or even on-site, freshly-printed blueprints are just a click away.

A document management solution can save your construction company time and money. To learn more, contact Century Business Technologies today.