6 Security Features That Make Document Management Your Safest Option

Document management words on tablet.

Document management is the digital answer to the common question of "How can I further protect our business data?" Document management protects you from data breaches and security issues while making your office more modern, more mobile, and well-monitored.

Going Digital

Going digital with document management means taking your files and scanning them into the system to be organized, stored, and keyworded for easy searching. The system improves collaboration, communication, and protection while providing a mobile workplace that is accessed only with tight security measures in place.

Key Security Features

Document management is the safest option for storing files. Unlike hard copy files, digital files can't be lost, misplaced, or removed. The security features that show how document management supports your office include:

  • Protected Access - Files can be established to only be opened by determined parties.
  • Network Integration - Integrating into your current security networks improves monitoring and threat management.
  • Passwords - Password protection on files allows for easier tracking and better oversight of access.
  • File Organization - Files are organized, so they aren't lost or overlooked, which can lead to leaks that get worse before they are detected.
  • Cloud Backups - Don't lose your data with online digital backups to support your entire business data fleet.
  • Information Tracking - Tracking access and location points makes it easy to pinpoint problems and fix them quickly.

Work with the Best to go Digital

Making the move to digital can save your office the hassle of risking security every day. Also, you can save money on supplies and storage space. It's a win for everyone - let's talk.