Are Employees Part Of IT Security?

Office full of men and women working with each other

When considering all the IT security tools, solutions, and procedures at your disposal, you may not realize that your most significant advantage could be sitting just a few feet away. That's right--employees are a huge part of IT security, and here's why (and how you can give them an active role in protecting data).

What Makes IT Security Work?

There's one thing that truly makes IT security work, and it's probably not what you think. It's not firewalls, passwords, secure networks, or even constant vigilance.

It's people.

Your people make IT security work because they're the ones on the front lines. They face scam calls and phishing emails; they dodge suspicious links and malicious ads; they take the steps necessary to protect data every time they use it. That's because they are the foundation upon which all other IT security should be built.

Although your employees are your greatest security advantage, keep in mind that they can't do it alone. They need guidance, training, and a little help from solutions like managed IT services that give them the tools necessary to succeed.

IT security is a distinctly human affair--so it's time to treat it like one.

Make Employees Your IT Security Force

To make employees feel empowered and confident when facing daily security threats, you need to make them an active part of your IT security procedures. Here are a few things you can help them with!

Create guidelines for personal device use.

Personal devices are a huge benefit to efficiency, but they can also be a huge security risk. Rather than forcing employees to use company devices, work with them to create security guidelines that will keep personal devices secure.

Get smart about the little stuff.

Help employees keep track of all the little ways they impact IT security. For example, create guidelines for making new passwords (use phrases instead of words) or setting the answers to authentication questions (don't tell the truth; your real answers can often be found online or with a bit of digging).

Sign out.

Signing out of email accounts and other apps is one simple but powerful way to keep data from falling into the wrong hands. It's an easy way to show employees that their everyday actions matter--and that you trust them to be your IT security force.

In conclusion, although there are all kinds of IT security tools available, your strongest advantage will always be your people. Help empower employees by giving them the guidance, tools, and help they need to succeed in this complicated tech world.

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