Are You Getting the Managed IT Services You Deserve?


The managed IT services that you get should include a wide range of services that help your business to be safer and to have less downtime. The service provider that you choose should offer these essential services as well as others that keep your system secure and ready for anything. 

Backing Up Your Data

One of the most important functions of managed IT is the frequent backups that should be performed. These backups are vital in case of anything from a data breach to ransomware being introduced to the system. You should also be aware of how often your data is beaked up so that you can be assured that it's happening often. Losing just a week of data can significantly set your company back. Make sure that your service provider works with your business to get it the backup schedule it needs. 

Growing Along With You

Another important factor is whether your managed IT provider can provide services that will grow as your company grows. The IT services that you get have to be able to scale along with you. It may be that you will grow and need new employees, have new devices, or simply increase the volume of work. However, your business changes, your managed IT should be able to keep up with it.

Monitoring the Network

How long does your managed IT provider manage your network? Is it only during business hours, or is it 24 hours a day? Depending on the complexity of your company and computer network, you may need 24-hour monitoring. This is generally recommended because hacking attempts don't just happen during business hours. Breakdowns in the system don't have set hours either. It can be helpful to get problems taken care of no matter when they happen. When responding to hacking attempts, time is generally of the essence. 

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