Are Your Employees Putting Your IT Security at Risk?


If you are unsure about whether your employees could be putting the IT security of your computer network at risk, it can be helpful to fund out that the answer is almost always yes. Even in offices where most workers are computer professionals, risks are likely still being taken.

Basic Security

With so many threats that target businesses of every size, it may be surprising that so many networks are infiltrated through simple means that employees could have prevented. Strong passwords are crucial as a defense mechanism against cyber threats. Passwords have changed a lot over the years, and a single word password no longer suffices. Passwords must be long and complicated, and they should be periodically changed for the best security.

Access Errors

If your employees are creating good, strong passwords, they may assume that once they are in the network, they've done their part to keep it safe. However, it is often at this stage that security is breached. The sites and links that your workers access while in the network can leave the network vulnerable. Clicking on links that may offer the illusion of safety, but that the worker isn't sure about, may mean substantial consequences. Going to sites that aren't secure or that have viruses hidden in them can spell disaster for your network.

Going Around

When there are many security layers in place, your data is far safer and more protective. However, many workers find layers of security to be a hassle to deal with. It's common for some workers to find a way to work around the security measures to make it faster and easier to sign on and do what they need to. Employees should be taught that easier isn't always better. Even if it's a hassle, using IT security procedures are vital to the company.

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