Best Practices for Document Management


Looking to get even more out of your document management system? Here are a few best practices that will maximize your benefits without adding to your workload.

Be a Document Management Pro

Document management may be known for its simple, user-friendly tools and solutions, but that doesn't mean it's always clear what the "best approach" looks like. In fact, since document management is a little different for everyone, there may not be a best approach at all!

The good news is that, while document management is personalized for every company, it also has some consistent elements--which means you can identify some best practices that will maximize your benefits. Here's how to become a document management pro without breaking a sweat!

#1: Get organized from day one.

It's wise to organize--but don't go overboard. Instead of trying to completely restructure your physical files before digitizing them, just create a basic framework that will help you know where your documents are and where they need to be. This helps you structure your approach, but it also keeps you from having to repeat organizational work once files are scanned.

#2: Prioritize wisely.

It may be tempting to start using document management solutions on the first issue you see, but the truth is that it makes more sense to prioritize. There will be time to address all of your workflow frustrations and document nightmares, so tackle the most important things first--for example, processes that everyone uses or elements that are customer-facing.

#3: Shred ahead of time.

Want to save yourself a lot of work and hassle? Go through your files and shred anything you don't actually need. This will keep you from having to scan files you'll just end up deleting later, and it will make the important stuff easier to organize.


If these best practices seemed surprisingly simple, that's because they are. Document management shouldn't be a hassle, even when you're going the extra mile to implement it like a pro.

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