The Big Picture of IT Security


IT security is often something that business owners need but do not clearly understand. Some purchase cybersecurity products to guard against hackers. Other small business owners invest in information security that maintains data. In reality, IT security has three categories that, when combined, works to maintain your system wholly. 

Physical Security

The physical security element of IT security deals with the infrastructure. This guarding involves maintaining your brick and mortar building so that only authorized personnel to have access. 

Many businesses go beyond the basic lock and critical method to secure a building. It is, after all, not difficult for a person to have spare keys created and enter classified areas of the building if they are terminated from the company. 

The physical security aspect of IT security makes it nearly impossible for unauthorized persons to enter classified areas of a building. There is typically a computer system that only allows employee ID badges or numbers that have been cleared by management to enter the building and specialized areas of the company. Physical security may also include cameras and metal detectors. 

Information Security

Whereas physical security is concerned with the company’s building, information security is more concerned with intellectual property. Data that is exposed to the wrong person can prove itself lethal when given to the public. Information security works to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to certain files and that data is backed up in case of an emergency. 

Information security briefly deals with the equipment to make sure that all upgrades are in place. The central goal of this branch of IT security, however, is to focus on the security of the database of customers. 


Information security focuses on the data of customers. Cybersecurity is the overarching element of the field that works to keep hackers out. You sometimes learn of cybersecurity after an attack has ruined your website or compromised the integrity of your database. There is more to the subject, though than the after-effects. 

Cybersecurity can alert you of necessary upgrades that may prevent an all-out attack. A good IT team can also suggest structural changes within the network that make it more difficult for thieves to get inside. 

You can count on Century Business Technology to help regardless of the type of IT security you need. Our specialists are knowledgeable about security in technology and can help you find the resources necessary to keep your company safe. Contact us today!