Cloud-Based Versus On-Premises Document Management Solutions


For every company, the need to store data is universal, but not every document management solution is. Depending on your company's needs, a cloud-based document management system may be preferable to an on-premises solution.

The On-Premises Management Option

When your document management system is on-premises, your servers have to be used for storage. The system will need your equipment for backing items up as well as storing them. Along with this, you will have to do all of your own system maintenance in house. Data security is also your responsibility for this system. For a very large company with a complete IT department, this can be a useful solution. Because there are IT personnel and a major infrastructure of high-powered computers, on-site, the system can be maintained on the premises.

Cloud-Based Document Solutions

Cloud-based software can be helpful for businesses of many sizes. For small businesses that do not have their own IT department, this choice is especially useful. The monthly fee that is charged includes the many software updates you will need as well as maintenance of the system. This is an easy solution that provides all the file storage your company will need. There are no large costs upfront with the system, like the cloud, and the company's IT to maintain it, are already in place.

Choosing Your Best Solution

One way to choose between these document management solutions is to look at the size of your company and the expertise of your employees. If you do not have employees who can dedicate their days to vital system maintenance, a cloud-based document management system is probably needed to keep your system safe and protected. If your company is quite large, and having an IT department take care of system maintenance would be a cost-saving measure, this may be the best solution. But for other businesses, having it in-house would be too much of a burden. Cost, convenience, storage space, and more should be considered before choosing a document management system.

If your company is interested in cloud-based systems, contact us today to find out how to get started.