Cybersecurity: How to Make Employees Your Secret Weapons


In the battle against hackers and other digital threats, commonly known as cybersecurity, you have a lot of tools up your sleeve. For example, you may rely on passwords, firewalls, security procedures, and user authentication solutions to get the job done--but did you know that people are actually your greatest asset? Here are a few ways to make employees your secret weapons in cybersecurity!

Making Cybersecurity Human

In a discussion all about technology, why put people front and center?

The truth is that, even when it comes to cybersecurity solutions like managed IT, the human element is still undeniable. It's like the beating heart of tech topics: behind every computer sits a human being trying to get a job done.

To take advantage of this idea, it makes sense to put your people at the center of your cybersecurity procedures. Sure, they need to be armed with all the latest tools and research--but that all makes them your secret weapons in the battle against hackers, malware, spyware, phishing, and all the other digital dangers you dodge in your work.

When it comes to cybersecurity, your best bet is to make your employees your first line of defense.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Here are some ways to get your teams involved in cybersecurity!

  • Keep them informed.

If you hear about a new scam, let your employees know to be on the lookout.

  • Empower them.

Give your teams the tools they need to identify and dodge threats--for example, telling them how to handle phishing phone calls.

  • Help them protect their devices.

Personal devices can be a benefit at work--as long as they're secure. Utilize endpoint protection solutions to protect personal computers, phones, and other devices.

  • Make them love backups.

If some of your people feel like backups are inefficient or a waste of time, talk to them about all the ways data backups could save their hard work. Soon they'll be fans of the "digital safety net" just like you.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is inherently human--and when you approach it that way, it's easy to make your employees your secret weapons. Just remember to give them the tools and info they need to go out there and protect your data in the digital world.

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