Declutter Your Office with Document Management

cluttered desk

You've heard about the benefits of switching to a document management system. Whether you need to improve document security, lower costs, or improve productivity, document management is your all-in-one solution.

One document management advantage that isn't often discussed is its ability to eliminate frustrating paper clutter from your office surfaces. Let's take a look at why clutter is bad for your business and how document management can help you get rid of it.

Off Your Desk and Into the Cloud

Your documents don't belong on your desk or in precarious stacks on top of tables and filing cabinets, but you can't just throw them away. Organizational experts often recommend taking a photo of personal items you'd like to remember but don't necessarily want to keep in your home. Electronic document management is essentially the same strategy.

By scanning paper documents using a multifunction system or scanner, you're saving a digital image of them to access later. The key to a thorough decluttering process, however, is that you'll need to let go of your scanned paper documents just like you let go of that giant teddy bear from the state fair.

Peace of Mind

A cluttered desk may be a sign of a genius at work, but most of the time, it's just a problem. Instead of stacking more documents only to lose them in your inbox, scan and route them to their intended location. You can quickly locate them later with a keyword search, but at least they're off your desk and on their way to the next step in the business process.

Now, go buy a nice plant and start getting rid of that pile that's been stressing you out for weeks.

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