Do Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity?

wooden sign that says small business laying on table

Some small businesses may think that cybersecurity is for the bigger companies to worry about. After all, the smaller you are, the smaller the target, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case--so here's a look at why small businesses really do need cybersecurity.

The Truth About Cybersecurity

It makes sense to hope that your company might be safe from cybercrime; all companies, no matter the size, want to hope the same. However, the scary reality is that hackers see small businesses as a big target.

Here are a few reasons why hackers target smaller companies:

  • Little businesses mean little budgets. Hackers assume you don't have the money for managed IT or another security solution. (Of course, the beauty of managed IT is that it is affordable--so if you have a tech partner, hackers will never see it coming!)

  • Organization isn't perfect yet. You're probably still growing and changing, which means you may not be organized enough to fight off a digital assault.

  • Your partnerships may make you vulnerable. If you do business with third-party vendors, hackers hope those vendors are innocently and accidentally leaving doors open to cybercrime.

  • You may not have enough staff. Most new or small companies don't have enough employees to watch the network 24/7, catch every little red flag, or notice suspicious activity. That means hackers feel like they can sneak right in without being caught.

  • You have good ideas. You started your small business because you had an idea. Hackers know that--and they want to take it from you.

Remember, while not all of these things may be true about your company, hackers assume that they are--so you may end up being a target either way. That's why small businesses really do need cybersecurity.


For these reasons and more, cybersecurity is a must for small businesses. Luckily, although hackers assume these things about your business, they don't have to be right; all you have to do is get savvy, do your research, and remember that managed IT services is a great way to get a tech partner.

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