Do You Know What to Look for Before Hiring a Managed IT Provider?


When it's time to have an IT department, outsourcing this function is becoming more and more common. The company that you hire to handle your managed IT should be able to answer a few questions that you have before you sign that contract.

The Speed of Communication

One of the questions to ask your prospective managed IT provider is how fast they are able to communicate. When will they be available for questions and help? How much wait time can you expect to have? When business is being put on hold thanks to IT issues, it's important to know that the wait won't be long before you can get help and get back to business. If there is a hacking attempt or the presence of malware is found, there is an equally important need to have IT respond quickly before the problem gets worse.

Your Industry

One of the important parts of running your managed IT is having knowledge of the industry that your company operates in. That industry often dictates how you do business and how much you use your computer network. Your industry may also come with a host of its own needs that will affect the way IT operates. If the managed IT provider that you hire has experience with your industry, it will better understand its specific needs and how it affects the IT services it provides. If they don't have experience in your industry, they may be able to handle your IT but require some training to understand its specific needs.

Technology Level

A managed IT provider should have a high level of technology that is out of reach for the companies that it provides services for. Good tech isn't cheap, and having advanced technology makes an IT provider better able to serve you and a better value overall. The provider should have a plan for growth, adding to its technology as new tech is released and available. Find out how they will use their tech to help make things easier for your company.

If you're ready for managed IT services, contact us today to get started. We're ready to answer your questions and make your network run smoothly and effectively.