Do Your Printing Costs Make the Top 3?

money flying away

Where would you put your printing costs on a list of your top business expenses? Most of us would probably say printing is relatively low on the list, behind six or seven of our more visible costs. The reality is entirely different for most businesses, and printing is likely to make the top three, just behind rent and payroll.

What's Going On?

If you think there's no way printing should eat up so much of your hard-earned revenues, you're right. The truth is that allowing print environments to remain unmanaged is one of the most expensive mistakes a business can make, but it happens all the time.

The Way Out

There is a way to bring printing costs under control, and it begins with a Managed Print Services assessment. As with any problem, finding out exactly where you stand is the first step toward correction. Here's how Managed Print Services can help rein in your print-related operating expenses.

1. Control

Less than 10% of businesses have a print policy, which means that employees can print documents at will. Managed Print Services deploys solutions proven to make a difference; here are five.

  • User and departmental limits
  • Duplex printing
  • Draft modes
  • Limits on color printing
  • Consolidated equipment and consumables purchasing

2. Reduced downtime

With the right tools in place, your printers themselves can notify managed print services technicians when something isn't as it should be. Addressing maintenance issues as soon as they surface is the best way to avoid catastrophic downtime.

3. Free up your IT team

IT teams say as many as half of their help desk responses involve print-related issues. Managed Print Services gives IT personnel their valuable time back by taking printer maintenance off their list.

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