Document Capture Benefits for Your Accounting Department

document capture

Paper-based accounting systems have tremendous potential for lost documents, data entry and process errors, and compliance violations. You need a way to manage the flow of accounting documents into and out of your organization, and a well-run accounting department is essential to your company's success.

New Solutions for Your Accounting Department

Here's how a document capture solution addresses these and other accounting challenges:

Faster document retrieval: How much time do your employees waste searching through filing cabinets for paper documents? Retrieving accounting information from paper-based storage solutions is an expensive waste of time. A document capture solution puts information where it should be in the first place—at your employees' fingertips.

Remote capture: A document capture solution allows your mobile workforce to create and initiate workflows from any location. Tapping into the extraordinary power of a remote accounting staff can help your business stay competitive in today's digital economy.

Improved customer service: Many customer inquiries center around accounting issues. A document capture solution allows your staff to access records in a matter of a few seconds, staving off potential customer service issues.

Process automation: A document capture solution is the first step toward improved process management. By quickly moving documents through your accounting processes, you can speed up approval processes, eliminate errors caused by repetitive manual data entry, and reduce slow-downs caused when someone misses a vital step in the process.

Document security: Accounting documents contain information that could devastate your business if it fell into the wrong hands. With your document management system, you can control who sees your accounting documents and what they can do with them. Audit trails show when access occurred, by whom, and what changes were made.

Accounting departments are excellent candidates for Century Business Technology's document capture and management solutions. Contact us to learn more today.