Is a Document Capture Solution Critical to Your Company's Success?

digital documents being selected

Electronic document management solutions provide businesses with automation tools to improve the way they organize and use information. Since document management is more than just a way to store documents in the cloud, businesses can use it to capture, digitize, secure, and retrieve the files that hold their collective knowledge.

Why Try a Document Management Solution?

Ingrained habits and a belief that paper processes are as efficient as digital solutions may keep some businesses from adopting a document capture and management solution. Implementing a comprehensive document management solution can save companies massive amounts of time and money, so there's little risk in the attempt. Here's a look at some of the benefits.


Paper-based processes require employees to spend a large part of their day printing, copying, and filing documents. Sharing information requires the use of cumbersome systems like internal company mailing solutions and, for distribution outside of the company, external mail and delivery services. With a document management solution, your employees can immediately capture and route documents directly to the cloud, other employees, or business partners and clients. A robust document capture solution accurately extracts critical information from your files using a multifunction device. With less time spent on manual tasks, your employees can spend more time doing what matters most to your organization.


Catastrophic data breaches have continued to make headlines. Unfortunately, most of the worst security leaks could have been prevented. A document capture and management solution can provide your business with robust security protocols to keep your data safe at every level. And if a natural disaster or other event destroys some or all of your physical assets, your collective knowledge is still available through your document management solution.

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