Document Capture Solutions for HR Departments


Information enters and flows through your company every day. The way you choose to handle that information when it first becomes available is critical to a successfully integrated document management strategy. For example, let's take a look at how important your document capture solution is to the company HR department.

Document Capture Must-Haves

A robust document capture solution is crucial to a successful paperless office infrastructure, and HR departments in particular stand to realize tremendous benefits. Here's how.

1. Compliance

Your employee records contain thousands of pages of sensitive and protected information. With increasingly complex HIPAA and GDPR regulations to follow, your organization needs a powerful document capture solution just to stay on top of the latest mandates. A document capture solution that automatically indexes and files employee data from the moment of acquisition is the only sure way to maintain compliance.

2. Filing and Document Retrieval

Paper-based systems present an insurmountable challenge with their complicated spreadsheets and rows of filing cabinets, but intricate desktop folder systems aren't much better. With intelligent indexing through a document capture solution, document retrieval is much less complicated and time-consuming. By scanning and indexing files based on data like names, department, ID numbers, employee status, etc., retrieval takes just a few seconds.

Automated notifications can inform staff members about missing files, renewal requirements, and when certain documents can be purged from the system.

3. Disaster Recovery

It's much easier to protect electronic files from natural or human-caused disasters like fire, flood, and catastrophic weather. A robust document management solution ensures that your files are safe and accessible even if you are faced with a situation where your business location is neither one.

If your company needs a better way to capture, store, and access information, contact us at Century Business Technologies to learn more about our document capture solution today!