Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Electronic Document Management

You've decided to take the plunge and convert from paper-centric processes and hardcopy documents to an electronic document management system. Congratulations are definitely in order!

But even with a firm decision to move forward with electronic processes, you'll need to do more than just hang on for the ride. Here are a few tips for ensuring a smooth transition period.

One (Almost) Effortless Transition, Coming Up

A smooth transition to electronic document management begins with organization and planning along with a determined commitment to stay the course, even if things get a little bumpy.

1. What to Keep and What to Toss

The very thought of going through archived paper files is what keeps many organizations from adopting a document management solution. The best way to avoid panic is to make a decision before beginning the process and then sticking with it. Generally speaking, here's what you'll want to scan and archive:

  • Founding documents, including those that prove your company was legally established.
  • Financial records, including accounts payable and receivable, tax filings, and payroll.
  • Contracts and other agreements.
  • Records proving how executive decisions were made and kept.
  • Records demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Beyond those records you are required to keep by law, the rest are based on your company's needs. Consult with your accountant for advice before deciding to shred an entire category of documents.

2. Consult the Experts

A DIY document management strategy seems like a good idea, but only in theory. The reality is that unmanaged digital files can be just as difficult to locate as those paper documents in your company's off-site storage facility. Outsourcing to expert Document Management Service Providers is the best way to make certain your transition to streamlined digital processes goes as planned.

To find out how electronic Document Management can help your company save time and money, contact us at Century Business Solutions today.