Evaluating a Potential Managed Print Services Program

evaluation checklist on a desk

Like any service delivery solution, managed print services differ from one provider to the next. Measuring the value of a potential program requires asking some tough questions and expecting on-target answers.

Here are nine questions to ask when you're evaluating a managed print services agreement.

  1. What can we expect during the assessment period? A thorough managed print services assessment is free, comprehensive, and accurate.
  2. How will you go about implementing your solutions? You'll want assurances that the transition period won't disrupt your normal business operations.
  3. Can you implement a managed print services plan that's customized to our company's needs? A one-size-fits-all solution rarely fits for anyone.
  4. Can you help us get our printing costs back in line? Managed print services companies should have a track record of reducing costs by 30% on average.
  5. What are your service response times and can you remotely monitor our equipment? A robust managed print services program remotely monitors equipment, delivers consistently fast response times, and addresses as many issues as possible before they have a chance to cause problems.
  6. Do you address the issue of print-related workflows? Whether it's redundant devices or an underutilized multifunction system, a managed print services program worth implementing addresses the issue of print-related process pain points.
  7. Can you help us with print security? Managed print services solutions should help pinpoint security gaps in your print environment and offer solutions to correct them.
  8. Can you help us meet our sustainability goals? A comprehensive managed print services program addresses the issue of print-related environmental waste.
  9. What about equipment and supply procurement? Managed print services companies can streamline and centralize these processes, reducing waste and eliminating administrative hassles.

Nearly 80% of businesses can't measure their print spend. For help finding out where your company stands, contact us at Century Business Technologies today.