Every Small Business Needs These 4 Cybersecurity Tips

Woman small business owner looking out store front window.

Small businesses have unique needs for just about everything--and cybersecurity is no exception. However, the truth is that, while the company may be small, the risks and threats certainly aren't--which is why every business needs these crucial tips.

The First Rule of Cybersecurity

The first rule of cybersecurity is "never get too comfortable." This is especially true for small businesses. Why? Well, despite the fact that you may not be as huge or famous as your big-brand competitors, hackers still treat you as a rich opportunity. In fact, the smaller the company, the more likely it is that a digital bad-guy could see you as an easy target.

That's why you have to stay vigilant--and, because you probably don't have eyes in the back of your head, you should consider turning to managed IT services for a little extra help. Managed IT acts as a shield around your company--a partner in cybersecurity--to help protect against vulnerabilities and keep you informed on the latest threats.

4 Cybersecurity Tips

Roll up your sleeves--it's time to protect your company. Here are four critical cybersecurity tips for small businesses!

  • Use multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication makes it that much harder for hackers to break into your network, devices, or platforms.

  • Update.

Simple but true: Updates make a huge difference in the cybersecurity game. If you skip updates for applications or software, you're inviting hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities--vulnerabilities that everyone else already took care of, which makes you an easy target.

  • Check your settings.

Default settings can be working against you. Check devices, networks, printers, and more to make sure those settings are configured in a way that helps your overall security efforts.

  • Think outside the box.

It's not always easy to think like a hacker, but cybersecurity needs to be creative. Think about parts of your company that could act like open doors to digital criminals--like personal devices, unguarded physical files, and more.

In conclusion, cybersecurity for small businesses may be a little more complicated, but it's far from impossible. All you need is a lot of creativity, a few solid tips, and a little bit of help, and you'll be well on your way to peace of mind.

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