Protecting Your Office with Critical Cybersecurity

Office security has more aspects than ever before with the emphasis on technology and connectivity that we all experience. That is great for productivity, but also means that implementing additional factors into your security plans is crucial. Cybersecurity and IT security are two of the top areas where you'll want to make sure you are completely covered. Luckily, you can outsource these solutions to professional tech teams to protect your data and mitigate possible risks.

Essential Office Upgrades for 2023

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We're into the second quarter of 2023 and if some of your ideas for this year are a little behind, well, that's okay - it's been a strange year already. But, now is also a good time for another restart and you can reevaluate your business goals and improvements that you have in mind for 2023. The past five years have had more office updates, technology advancements, and new features created than many people would have thought. And with a world that's more digital than ever, it's time to take a look at these changes and see which ones are essential to grow your business.

3 Key Security Tips for Every Company

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We don't have to wonder how important security is, right? It's clear that in today's digital world, a cyber attack can bring down a business of any size, and a data breach can be the beginning of the end with expensive legal fees, software updates, and much more. The basics are that security matters more than ever, and it's essential to get it right. Working with Century Business Technologies is your best bet to establish safe risk mitigation and security protections for your company.

Advance Your Tech Solutions

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Take stock of your IT systems for a minute. While you may have an in-house team for troubleshooting (or not - totally fine!), think about who is monitoring your networks for strange issues or threats. Who is evaluating patches and essential changes? Who is researching your specific network needs and identifying security updates?

Top Tips for Document Management

document management

Document management is the functional, modern paperless system for your office. The service will help your team to go totally digital - first by identifying how to scan, save, and organize historical information and then setting up an ongoing system for you to keep each file and project in your digital database. It's secure, efficient, and more functional than any hard copy storage.


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