Go Paperless With Our Document Capture Solution

stacks of paper

There's plenty of buzz surrounding the paperless office, but questions linger. Business owners wonder if a 100% paperless office is possible or even a good idea. If one supposes the affirmative in both cases, what steps should your business take to begin and then successfully maintain paperless workflows?

We're Glad You Asked!

For businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, paperless operations are both a great idea and entirely feasible. The path to success begins at the front door.

1. Start small.

We know you're worried about that backlog of paper documents in your storage area, but success begins with what's coming through your front door right now. To succeed, you'll need a document capture solution in place and ready to go. Scanning documents the moment they enter your workflows is critical—you don't want to create another backlog of files waiting to be scanned!

2. Capture and route.

A robust document capture solution allows your team to extract data from documents to keep your processes moving forward. Scan and route data from email attachments, PDF files, Microsoft Excel and Word files and other formats. Document capture technology can extract data like names, dates, invoice numbers, project titles, and more and route it to your document management system.

3. Begin the savings.

Once your document capture and management systems are in place, and you've begun using them in earnest, the savings will become evident.

  • Save time — Knowledge workers waste hours each day searching for and handling paper documents. Digitizing those documents means they'll be spending minutes or even seconds on those same processes.
  • Save money — Eliminate wasted employee hours and the high costs associated with paper-based filing systems.

Are you ready to stop pushing paper around in your office? Get in touch with us at Century Business Technologies to learn more today!