Hold Off Updating to Windows 11

At least not yet...  As your partner in technology, Century wants to be sure you know, as of now, there are no guarantees on how well Windows 11 will run on existing hardware, or on your company network just yet. Don't be tempted to update even with all the alerts or warnings you might get. Unfortunately Microsoft does not release new updates to us before anyone else and we are in the process of testing.  So, they may be pushing you to upgrade. Please hold off. We DO know there were no cybersecurity threat responses specific to this update. Windows 11 gets a new visual design, several new features that aim to make navigating your computer easier, device updates with Android and Teams apps, better multitasking..... Click here for more details on what's new and improved. 

If you're worried that you must have it right now.... "Windows 10 will run through Oct. 14, 2025", said John Cable, vice president of program management at Microsoft, in a November blog post.  We are including a few links to some articles provided by industry writers to help explain why we are taking this stance at this time. 

PC WorldPC Gamer and C/Net are all saying the same thing.

We want you to know Century is taking care of you and your business. Updates will happen soon. If you have any questions regarding windows 11 feel free to reach out to your vCIO or account Rep and they can help as well.