How Document Management Helps You Go Paperless

The words 'go paperless' on computer keyborard.

It's one thing to say you want to go paperless in your office--but actually doing it is another thing entirely. The truth is that some people aren't sure they want to say goodbye to paper, let alone how they'd get started with such a big task. The good news is that document management makes it both simple and effective to go paperless--and here's how.

Why Document Management?

If you're trying to say goodbye to paper, there's no better way to start than by utilizing document management. After all, this solution is all about documents--both physical and digital.

The key is that document management doesn't just get rid of all your paper from day one. Instead, it helps you gradually adjust to a paperless workflow, giving you the tools you need to bridge the gap between physical and digital approaches. Want to keep a few paper processes, even as you digitize and modernize? Document management can help with that, too.

Put simply, document management offers a new way to look at your files--one with so many features that you'll wonder why you were ever hesitant to go paperless.

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from document management:

  • Comments: It's not always easy to collaborate on physical files. With document management, you can digitize those files and turn them into collaboration hubs, allowing users to leave comments, make edits, and communicate more effectively.

  • Encryption: You can't encrypt a piece of paper! Document management allows you to add this extra layer of protection to your digital files as soon as they're in the system.

  • Organization: File cabinets are a thing of the past. Instead, document management gives you the framework necessary to organize files by date, keyword, author, content, and more--plus, with a handy search feature, you'll never have to go hunting for misplaced files.

  • Environmental friendliness: For many companies, going green is one big question mark. The good news is that, with document management, you can go green without making sacrifices--all because you're cutting back on the paper, ink, and energy required to print and copy files.


There are plenty of ways to start the journey toward a paperless office, but only one comes with a long list of benefits like organization, environmental friendliness, and even encryption. Document management can help you bridge the gap between the present and the future, making it simple and stress-free to say goodbye to paper.

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