How Managed IT Helps Businesses Operate Post-COVID

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With better days on the horizon, many companies are wondering what their plans should look like in a post-COVID world. No matter what industry you're in, there's one solution that might make all the difference: managed IT.

Getting Tech Savvy

To see how managed IT can help a business bounce back from the pandemic while juggling new needs, challenges, and safety regulations, we'll take a look at a hypothetical example company. Let's call them Fun Fitness.

Managed IT in Action

Fun Fitness is a hometown fitness operation that survived the pandemic but isn't quite sure how to reopen. They know they have a lot of new things to incorporate, including:

  • website management, where they'll update visitors on the capacity of their building, safety recommendations, and guidelines from the CDC;
  • budget control, since they'll be spending more on cleaning supplies and sanitizing stations;
  • security risks, as they've already faced some pandemic-related scams;
  • and online class offerings, to cater to people who aren't comfortable leaving their homes.

This seems like a lot to juggle--but the good news is that Fun Fitness has already chosen a managed IT provider to help them out. With managed IT, Fun Fitness can:

  • Be in complete control of website features

Website management is a lot of work but managed IT makes it easy--and maybe even fun. With help from their provider, Fun Fitness is able to provide relevant links, make sure information is always up to date, and even include live reports (like how busy their building is) to keep clients safe and comfortable.

  • Save money without cutting corners

Managed IT has allowed Fun Fitness to gain visibility into their budget. Now that they know where they can cut costs without cutting corners, they can afford all of the safety and health measures necessary to help them reopen.

  • Identify and eliminate security risks

Fun Fitness chose a managed IT provider who prioritizes security. Together, they identify weaknesses in security features and protocols, implement targeted solutions, and do research to learn more about the latest threats (and how to avoid them).

  • Offer smooth, reliable online courses and meetings

With help from managed IT, Fun Fitness learned how to stream classes and group meetings that keep clients connected, motivated, and coming back for more. They also know how to troubleshoot connectivity issues and make the online courses as accessible as possible.

This is good news for hypothetical companies, but what about real ones? Want to see what managed IT can do for you in a post-COVID world? Contact us today!