How Not to Choose a Managed IT Provider

Managed IT Services

It's not always easy to learn the ins and outs of doing something perfectly. Sometimes it helps to start with what you shouldn't do. Here's everything not to do when choosing a managed print provider!

Three Fatal Mistakes

Okay--so maybe these mistakes aren't fatal, but they can be a big deal. If you choose the wrong managed IT provider for your needs and goals, you'll quickly realize that you may be wasting time, money, and energy on something that's not getting you where you want to go. In fact, you might get so frustrated that you'd consider giving up on managed IT overall, which means saying goodbye to all the benefits you could have gotten if you'd chosen a different path. That's why it's important to slow down, do a little research, and make sure you know what not to do!

When choosing a managed IT provider, never:

Give up control

A managed IT provider should be a partner--which means they should never try to "take over." If they're not interested in hearing your thoughts, plans, and unique knowledge about your business, then they're not a good fit.

Make a hasty choice

At first glance, it might like all managed IT providers are the same--but the truth is that they aren't all created equal. Don't let quick impressions fool you; instead, take the time to research your provider, from their website to their reviews to their customer service.

Sacrifice quality for cost

A good managed IT provider will offer a perfect balance of quality and cost. They won't make you feel like you have to pay more to be treated like a priority, and they certainly won't try to get you to pay for things you don't need.

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