How Well Are Your Workflows Working Out?


How well are your company's workflows serving your current needs? It's not unusual for organizations to have the same processes for years, never questioning whether a procedure that worked in 1998 is still the best fit for the company in 2018.

It's About Money and Time

No one questions the fact that time and money are connected, especially in business. Inefficient workflows use more time than they need to, costing organizations of every size and description millions in lost productivity every year. Is it time for a review of yours?

You're Too Close

Faulty workflows often continue to exist because those who work with them are too close to identify inherent problems. We see this struggle when new employees come on board and immediately begin offering suggestions to improve company workflows. While veteran employees may not appreciate unsolicited advice from newbies, it's their fresh take on the situation that makes them uniquely qualified to make valuable suggestions. Fortunately, your new hire doesn't need to risk her standing with the locals for you to improve your company's long-standing workflows.

Professional Workflow Optimization

There's good news if your workflows need a tune-up. Workflow optimization professionals use their defined principles and process management solutions to assess critical business processes. By identifying your current state and implementing conventions to eliminate bottlenecks, workflow optimization processes are a proven method for identifying and correcting weaknesses. Here's an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Documenting your existing workflows.
  2. Collecting data critical to understanding all subprocesses and existing issues.
  3. Analyzing the collected data to identify delays, costs, and overall time involved in the process.
  4. Implementing improvements to redesign and automate processes.
  5. Creating user-friendly channels for ongoing measurement and feedback.

Are your workflows serving your current requirements, or is it time for a closer look? Contact us at Century Business Technologies for an assessment of your workflows today!