Improving the Document Capture Process

document capture

The document capture solution on your multifunction system allows your organization to begin transitioning to paperless processes. The benefits start with reduced paper waste and office clutter and go on to incredible new process efficiencies. Here's a look at just a few of the major benefits provided by electronic document capture and management solutions.

Improve Access to Your Information

Information drives your business processes, which is why it's so important to have solutions in place to locate it quickly and without difficulty. Document management makes it faster and easier to find the information your business relies on every day. Document capture software extracts data from documents in almost any format, executing workflows from any location with internet access and making files easier to locate. This improved access also makes the collaboration process more successful.

Keep Your Information Up to Date

If an employee unknowingly works with outdated information, the consequences could be disastrous for your organization. The problem can be even worse when multiple people collaborate on the same obsolete document. Version control solutions keep documents up-to-date but still maintain original text. Tracking features show changes, when edits were applied and who applied them while still allowing users to access records in their original state.

Provide Need-to-Know Access

Your organization is required to protect confidential information, and that includes within the daily operations of your company. A robust document capture process lets you set parameters restricting who can view, edit, and share confidential documents. Audit trails provide proof that you've maintained compliance, from the beginning of the document capture process and throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Is your document capture process up to date and ready for 21st-century business processes? To find out more about how to update your daily operations, contact us at Century Business Technologies today!