IT Security: How to Approach Printer Protection


Printers are a big part of IT security, but they're often overlooked. Unfortunately, this can lead to all kinds of issues, from expensive data breaches to inefficient security procedures. Here's how to approach printer protection to improve IT security in your business.

IT Security: What to Know About Protecting Printers

The truth about printers is that, while they're a vital part of your business and network, they can also represent a significant vulnerability if you don't approach them in the right way. That's because hackers often target printers first, thinking you've overlooked them.

That's why it's important to approach printer security in just the right way. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

#1: Begin with managed IT services.

Managed IT services is a great way to start building a security approach that includes printers, networks, data, and more. With a managed IT provider on your side, it's easier than ever to protect printers without shifting your focus away from other things that need digital defenses.

#2: Build good habits.

IT security doesn't have to be all about huge changes and intricate solutions, especially when it comes to printers. In fact, something as small as building good habits can make a significant difference. For example, you should set a schedule for regularly wiping your printers' hard drives. This keeps your machines from becoming a "gold mine" of sensitive data should someone gain access to your network.

#3: Pay attention to connections.

Remember, your printer isn't just a single device. It's connected to your network, mobile devices, email applications, and more--which means it needs to be protected from multiple angles. Keep these connections in mind when building your IT security approach.

#4: Don't forget about physical security.

Printers exist in both the digital and physical worlds, but most IT security focuses on the former. Make sure to protect your printers in the real world, too--for example, by implementing follow-me printing to keep documents from getting stolen off the print tray.


IT security should include every device and connection in your business, which means printers have a big role to play. Luckily, with tips like these, it's much easier to make printers a part of your overall security approach instead of a frustrating outlier.

Wondering how to fit printers into your IT security approach? Contact us today to find out how solutions like managed IT services can help.