IT Security vs. Cybersecurity and How to Know the Difference


Both IT security and cybersecurity are necessary for every business in today's world. These two terms are often used to mean the same thing, but they are two very different concepts. Each is important to understand to keep your company safe, intact, and viable.

IT Security

Information technology security, known as IT security, is the protection of systems and data from anyone who tries to access it who shouldn't. It is devoted to putting layers of security in between cyberthieves and your computer network to prevent anyone from seizing your company's data, modifying it, or otherwise misusing it. This is a vital part of keeping a business safe and compliant today, making IT security one service that a business of any size can't do without.


This form of security is about protecting data that is online. This often means keeping cybercriminals like hackers from penetrating a website and seizing control of it. This type of security is vital for any company that has a website of any kind. Even a small, basic website can attract hackers who want to take it over and change it or hold it for ransom to make money. If your company has a website, it should have a number of ways to ensure the best cybersecurity possible.

Why You Need Both

It isn't just your company's website that can attract hackers, it's the business itself as well. Both of these entities need protection and monitoring to ensure that they are as safe as possible from thieves. These days, using ransomware to hold onto a company's most important data is all too common. It takes IT security that is up to date to keep that from happening. And like the company's data, losing control of the company's website can be an embarrassing and devastating prospect that your company should avoid at all costs.

If you are worried about your company's IT security, contact us today to find out how we can help. We are ready to help your business with security to keep cyberthieves out and intracompany system access available and under control.