IT Security vs. Information Security


There are so many types of security that it can be challenging to keep up with everyone. Print, data, device, information--all need to be protected, and all come with their own unique challenges and vulnerabilities. One question many companies have is how these types of security are different--for example, IT security vs. information security. Here's a closer look to help you know exactly what you're protecting!

What IT Security Really Means

Although IT security and information security are both important and, admittedly, similar at first glance, they are two different things--and each one informs your approach a little bit differently.

Let's compare:

Information security

Information security is just what it sounds like--protecting the information that travels through your company. This can include just about everything, from client contact information to company secrets to the time and date of your team's next conference. The important thing to remember is that this information exists both physically and digitally. Information can travel just as easily in the break room as it can over email--which is why information security is involved in, but not the same as, IT security.

IT security

IT security refers to anything you do to protect your tech. From firewalls and passwords to procedures and solutions, IT security covers a little bit of everything.

Here are a few types of IT security:

  • Network security

Network security is all about protecting your network by controlling and monitoring what--and who--connects to it.

  • Internet security

Internet security solutions protect you from malware and help employees recognize digital scams.

  • Application security

Application security helps you securely code new applications as well as identify risks in existing applications, so you end up with only the most reliable tools.


Although IT security and information security are similar and, at times, two sides of the same coin, it's important to treat them as two separate things. That way, information in all its forms is protected as well as your devices, networks, and applications.

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