IT Security: What You Need to Know about Virtual CIOs

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A virtual chief information officer, or vCIO, is perhaps one of the best tools in your IT security arsenal. Read on to find out what a vCIO is, what they offer, and how to choose one for your company.

IT Security: What is a vCIO?

A vCIO is a company that acts as a third-party chief information officer. This company becomes part of the team, helping you navigate the challenges inherent to tech utilization--from infrastructure and database integration to long-term goals and budgeting. Unlike other outsourcing solutions, a vCIO is focused on treating your company holistically, which means they're capable of looking at the big picture and helping you align IT and business goals in ways that just make sense.

Perhaps the best part of a relationship with a vCIO is that you're in charge of the details. You don't have to give up control of every decision, especially if you have an internal IT team; instead, you get to hand-pick the responsibilities you want to hand over to your new vCIO.

Choosing a vCIO for Your IT Security Needs

Now that you know what a vCIO is, let's take a look at how to choose one for your IT security needs:

Look for a wide range of technical services.

A good vCIO should offer all kinds of technical services, not just a few IT security solutions. This indicates the vCIO is an expert in many tech fields and can weave IT security into everything they do.

Ask about budgeting expertise.

IT security budgets can quickly get out of hand. Make sure you choose a vCIO with experience managing complex budgets--that way, you know they can keep your company secure and cost-efficient at the same time.

Have a conversation about flexibility.

When it comes to IT security, the definition of success is always changing. As such, you need a vCIO capable of implementing flexible solutions. Make sure you're creating a partnership that can keep up with the latest security threats, adapt to your changing business needs, and more.

In conclusion, a vCIO, or a virtual chief financial officer, is a partnership with a third-party company. This partnership can span all your tech needs, from IT security to budgeting, and should grow and change with you.

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