Is It Time for a New Managed IT Provider?


Most businesses these days need IT services, and outsourcing it to managed IT is the best choice financially. However, there are many companies who provide this service, so it can be hard to choose from among them. And once you sign up for services, you may find that you want to change them to a different company after all.

Limited Hours

Some managed IT services run during standard business hours only. That means that if something happens in the evening or late at night, they are hard to get ahold of. You may have to create a ticket and wait until it's business hours again. However, hacking doesn't just happen during business hours. It often happens late at night or on a weekend. If your managed IT provider isn't around to help during off-hours, it may be time to switch to a different company.

Limited Expertise

If your IT company will only handle very specific problems, it may be that you need to go elsewhere. Part of the usefulness of IT is that it can solve problems that you didn't necessarily see coming. It needs to be there for both the little things and the big things. If you have a data breach and your IT company can't help you, you could end up facing a lot of liability. Taking care of daily tickets as well as taking care of big problems are needed from your managed IT company. 

Limited Experience

Your industry comes with a number of benefits, pitfalls, and quirks. It may also come with a serious need for data safety compliance to keep it legal. If the managed IT service that you choose has no experience at all in your industry, you may need to find one that does. If your managed IT company doesn't understand the type of security you need, they likely won't be able to provide it. A company with industry experience knows the way it works and the regulations that govern it. 

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