IT Tips: Can Security Come From the Cloud?


A lot of things come from the cloud--efficiency, organization, creative tools, you name it. However, it seems strange to think that a comparatively new solution could provide all the security you need. Let's find out how the cloud can be your IT security "secret weapon!"

Cloud-Based Creativity

Many familiar security solutions are tried and true--which, for the most part, is good news. However, it's the tried element that makes these solutions a little less than ideal. The problem is that they're well-known, which, in turn, means that the digital bad-guys have had plenty of opportunities to think up devious ways to overcome them.

That's why it pays to think outside the box and inside the cloud.

Cloud-based IT security is flexible, creative, and powerful. You aren't limited to any one approach; instead, you can mix and match tools, protocols, and approaches until you find a security plan that's perfect for you. The best part is that cloud-based security is based on those tried-and-true principles without being limited by them--which means there's no huge learning-curve or workflow interruption.

Here are a few ways the cloud can make IT security a breeze:

#1: It complements managed IT services.

Managed IT is another great tool for boosting security, and the good news is that it goes hand-in-hand with cloud-based solutions. With managed IT, it's easier than ever to choose, implement, and control your cloud security.

#2: It changes with you.

Security needs grow with your company, which means security solutions should do the same. Cloud-based IT security is scalable--so you're always choosing the tools that fit your budget, workflows, and tech environment.

#3: It has impressive variation.

Want security cameras, user authentication, secure storage, backups, or 24/7 monitoring? How about a little bit of everything? The cloud is inherently flexible, and its security solutions are too. All you have to do is choose the type of tools that make the most sense to you.

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