Managed IT: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Small business owner holding tablet while at work.

Small businesses have big needs when it comes to cybersecurity. However, the unfortunate truth is that many solutions simply aren't built to take those unique needs into account--which can leave your small business feeling left out and vulnerable. Luckily, there's one solution that can be built around you: managed IT services.

Managed IT for Cybersecurity

Managed IT services is, naturally, all about tech. Your managed IT provider can help you with everything from the smallest troubleshooting issue to the biggest network debacle, all without forcing you into "cookie-cutter" solutions that won't fit your small business just right.

However, that's not all managed IT is good for. It also acts as a shield around your company, protecting from cybersecurity threats big and small.

That's because having a managed IT provider is like having someone to watch your back. Solutions like 24/7 monitoring and user authentication can help protect every piece of tech in your fleet, including mobile devices, printers, personal or at-home computers in remote workforces, and more.

Managed IT is more than a tech solution--it's a way to give your small business the TLC it deserves.

How Managed IT Protects Small Businesses

Wondering how managed IT gets the job done when it comes to small business cybersecurity? Here's a quick look!

  • Risk assessments come first.

Your managed IT services provider will perform a risk assessment before making any changes to your processes or strategies. This is where you get full transparency into your small businesses' security needs and vulnerabilities. With that information in hand, you'll know just what you need to do (and your provider helps you get there).

  • Backups will be your best friend.

Data backups are your secret weapon against cybersecurity threats, and your managed IT provider will help you set them up. For example, if a hacker traps your files using ransomware and demands payment for their release, you won't have to worry--your backups let you keep using your data even in the midst of disaster.

  • Employees become your first line of defense.

Your people can be a huge help when it comes to defending against cybersecurity issues. Managed IT gives you the tools and information you need to educate employees on the latest threats, risks, and problems so they can defend your small business every day.

In conclusion, small businesses may have big cybersecurity needs--but managed IT services can keep up. From risk assessments to employee education, managed IT helps make cybersecurity panic a thing of the past.

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