Managed IT Services Could Be Your Best Weapon for Security


When you have managed IT services, it's easier to stay compliant with data privacy rules. The security measures that go into effect with this monitoring can help to keep your data safer and your company from being given the fines and fees that come with non-compliance.

System Evaluation

How safe is your computer network right now? If you aren't sure, you certainly aren't alone. It can be challenging to know just how secure the company's computer network is if it hasn't been evaluated for safety. Part of managed IT services is to conduct an evaluation of the network to discover its flaws and weaknesses. These can include malware already on the network, weak passwords being used, or open places within it that don't require passwords.  Then, these problems can be fixed with new security measures for better data safety.

System Updates Installed

It's come in for system updates to be ignored until it is a convenient time. However, updates are usually created because there is a safety problem. For better security, IT services make it a point to install all of the latest updates to the network. This includes individual updates to specific computers as well as system-wide updates.

Safety Protocols

System security wouldn't be very secure if it weren't for the trained safety actions of the employees themselves. There are several safety mistakes that employees make that can easily put the entire network at risk. With managed IT services, it's easier to implement new safety protocols that make everyone in the office a guardian of the network's safety. Things like individual passwords for each employee and information about phishing schemes can help to keep the network, and it's data, far safer.

If your company is ready for a safer network that keeps its data more secure, contact us today to find out more about our managed IT services. It may make the difference between a safe network and one that is breached.