Managed IT Services: Reactive vs. Proactive IT

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There are many ways to handle IT problems, but there's only one right way. Let's find out how managed IT services helps shape the proactive IT approach!

Proactive or Reactive?

Before we look at how managed IT services can help you make all the right tech decisions, let's see what you actually have to choose from.

When it comes to IT troubleshooting, you've got two basic options:


You identify weak or inefficient areas in your IT environment and choose tools, solutions, or approaches that will address the issues at their core. You also have good habits when it comes to maintenance and repairs. In this way, you actually end up solving problems before they arise.


Something breaks, and you fix it. Often, that's the extent of the reactive approach, simply because it looks easy from the outside (even though it wastes time and money).

The unfortunate truth is that many companies lean toward the latter--not because they necessarily think it's the best approach, but because they don't know how to get out of the "break-fix" cycle.

That's where managed IT services comes in.

A Little Help From Managed IT Services

Managed IT is all about the proactive tech approach. Here are a few ways it can help you break the cycle:

  • Identify problems

It's difficult to work proactively if you don't know what the problems are going to be. Managed IT services helps you take a close, detailed look at your tech environment to understand what's causing issues, what can be done about it, and how to avoid more trouble in the future. That way, you always know just where to focus your energy.

  • Create good habits

When you're in reaction mode, it's easy to fall into bad habits--like those software updates you've been putting off for weeks. Managed IT services helps reverse those habits by giving you better ways to handle issues--for example, by scheduling software updates, so downtime doesn't occur in the middle of a workday.

  • Set realistic expectations

The truth about tech is that, no matter how prepared you are, something could always go wrong. That's why managed IT services helps you set realistic expectations and know just what to do if things unexpectedly head in the wrong direction.

In conclusion, the main purpose of managed IT services is to help you escape the break-fix cycle and instead take proactive measures to protect your tech environment. By identifying problems, creating good habits, and setting realistic expectations, you can start fixing things before they even break.