Managed IT: When is it Time to Switch Providers?


Managed IT provides a little bit of everything, from computer virus protection to maintenance schedules to impressive tech upgrades--but managed IT is only as good as your provider. How do you know if it's time to break things off and start fresh with a new provider? Let's find out!

Prioritizing the Partnership

Your relationship with your managed IT provider should be a partnership. That means you need communication, mutual trust, and healthy amounts of respect. If you feel like any one of these things is missing, it might be time to say goodbye.

But how do you know what time is the right time to switch providers? Here are a few signs that you're not in the right IT partnership.

You don't feel listened to.

If your managed IT provider makes changes or decisions without you, doesn't take your expertise into account, or treats you like a name on a paper rather than a unique company, you're missing out on some of the best parts of managed IT. This solution should be a collaboration, not a one-way conversation.

You worry about security.

If computer viruses, network problems, and digital hackers haunt your nightmares, your managed IT provider isn't doing their job. From redundant backups to comprehensive firewalls, managed IT should provide all the security you need to feel safe and relaxed in the digital world.

You feel you're missing out.

Maybe you've read all the reasons why managed IT is a great fit for companies of every shape and size, and you feel like you're not seeing those benefits. At the end of the day, managed IT is all about your company and your needs--so if you aren't getting what you paid for, chances are that your provider isn't up to the task.

If these red flags sound familiar, it might be time to make a change. Contact us today to find managed IT solutions that prioritize you!