Managed Print Benefits for Supply Chain Companies

cost analysis in 3D hovering over tablet

Do you have tools in place to track printing costs for your supply chain company? For businesses in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, printing costs can go as high as 20% of annual revenues. Keeping tabs on spending can be extremely difficult when printing devices and activities are widely distributed across multiple locations.

The Managed Print Services Difference

It's widely acknowledged that managed print services can save business offices time and money. Print management solutions help to curb expensive, wasteful printing habits and help companies learn how to get more productivity from their equipment and print-related workflows. Supply chain companies can take advantage of managed print services technologies to reap the same benefits. With savings as high as 30% or more, there's much to gain.

  1. Valuable insight — Managed print services solutions that track equipment usage can help supply chain companies make better decisions about where to place equipment and how to distribute print jobs.
  2. User authentications — With printing equipment scattered throughout your company's various locations, security can be an ongoing problem. Logins and user authentications can keep unauthorized usage from driving up costs or putting confidential information at risk of theft.
  3. Less downtime — Production level printing equipment has to keep working, or the entire process comes to a standstill. Managed print services companies monitor your equipment, giving technicians a heads-up when a tune-up, repair, or parts replacement is in order.
  4. The right equipment for the job — An office-grade device may not be right for your rugged environment. A managed print services assessment of your fleet can shed light on equipment that's not meeting your needs.

Are you paying too much to print documents and keep your printing equipment operational? Contact us to schedule a managed print services assessment with Century Business Technologies today.