Managed Print Services—A Comprehensive Solution for Savings and Efficiency

Managed Print Services is often misinterpreted as a solution for maintaining printing equipment and nothing more. While proactive equipment maintenance and repair is one part of a Managed Print Services agreement, the scope of the service is much broader.

Comprehensive Print Management

Managed Print Services provides comprehensive management of the entire print environment. Individual services may vary by organization and the agreed-upon arrangements, but most MPS agreements are similar in scope.

  • A print environment assessment gives Managed Print Services providers a baseline from which to begin improving processes and reducing costs. Visibility into your current print volumes is an essential first step.
  • An inventory of your fleet provides vital information about the equipment that comprises your print infrastructure. Device capabilities, manufacturer, location, remaining service life and their role in your workflow will all be taken into account.
  • The implementation stage brings a wide variety of solutions to the table, including rules-based printing and usage tracking, all of which work together to lower costs and improve workflows.
  • Industry-leading service is a key component of a Managed Print Services agreement. With proactive monitoring and both remote and on-site service from expert technicians, your equipment will serve your needs more efficiently.
  • Automatic supply replenishment lets your team get back to work. On-device alerts let your Managed Print provider know when a printer or copier is low on toner. The action triggers delivery of the right toner, with no intervention from your staff and no additional invoices to pay.
  • Print security solutions that identify and correct weak links in your print environment are another benefit of Managed Print Services partnerships. By giving oversight to experts in the field, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Unmanaged printing activities and equipment can drive up costs and lead to frustrating inefficiencies. Contact us at Century Business Technologies to find out more about our Managed Print Services today!