Managed Print Services Helps School Districts Stay on Budget

school copier

Is your school district in the dark when it comes to printing costs? Like many other organizations, there may be no mechanism in place to track print-related spending and no one department overseeing the print environment. This frequent lack of oversight can result in a surprisingly high print spend.

The Managed Print Services Solution

Many school districts have discovered a solution for reducing print-related costs, and it delivers a host of other benefits at the same time. When partnering with Managed Print Services providers, school districts first undergo a comprehensive audit of their current situation.

Here's how Managed Print Services assessment helps to find a baseline for moving forward.

  1. Costs —Printing often occurs on the fly, and when supplies are low or a device breaks down, the easiest fix is often the go-to solution. Managed Print Services providers can uncover the costs surrounding your print infrastructure and provide solutions for better management. With remote monitoring solutions in place, they can deliver supplies as needed, repair printers and copiers before a problem escalates, and help your school acquire the latest technologies without going over budget.

  2. Volumes —Many school districts have no way to track print volumes, and without the numbers, there's no benchmark for reducing them. With built-in solutions like automatic duplexing (two-sided printing) and policies that help departments stay within stated limits, your school could see a drastic reduction in print volumes.

  3. Workflows —Your print infrastructure has an array of complicated moving parts. Managed Print Services providers know how to sync your devices and their capabilities with staff needs for improved productivity across your district.

Did we mention that a Managed Print Services engagement could save your school district as much as 30% off your current printing expenses? To find out more, get in touch with us at Century Business Technologies today.