Minimize Downtime with IT Security


No business wants to have downtime. When your computer network is having problems, there's nothing worse than having the entire office sitting there idle until it is back up and running again. Here are some ways to have as little downtime as possible with the help of IT security.

Teaching Your Employees

The employees of your business access your computer network constantly. They should be the first line of defense for the network instead of being weak links that let hackers into the system. To keep them at the forefront of IT security, they need to have the training to understand what is safe to do on the network and what is unsafe. They need to have specific training for security awareness so that they can recognize things like malware, email phishing scams, ransomware, and dangers on social media. If they can recognize these dangers, they can learn how to avoid them and keep the network safe.

Monitoring Your Network

For the best results, your network and servers should be monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week to watch for any attacks or data breaches. It's important to have this monitoring around the clock because it isn't uncommon for hackers to strike at night when they think no one is watching. And because IT security is monitoring things so closely, there can be countermeasures taken if there is an attack on the system. It's also helpful if there is a performance problem that can cause a crash if it isn't dealt with in time.

Schedule Your Updates

There are often updates that need to be made to your system. These may include performance improvements, bug fixes, or security updates. Software that has not been updated in some time may have some cracks where hackers can slip in. It's important to do all of the updates as needed, even when they take a long time to perform. Schedule these updates away from office hours so that there isn't any downtime in the office while it's going on.

If you need better IT security, call us today to get started. We can help you to be up to date and ready to keep hackers out.